The Marketer's Most Important Word


That's what I'm interested in. And I'm going to present you with ways to do what you love better.

As a life-long student of journalism, with a Masters degree in that discipline, I try not to write words I'm not happy about. 

Here's a quick story about that:

The day I started working at a digital marketing agency, my manager told me: "Josh, I'm afraid this kind of writing is going to be too basic for you."

In one sense, he was correct. Marketing is rarely academic - unless you're marketing academic journals (and even then I bet straight talk sells best.)

But I went in with an open attitude. And this is what writing got better. I grew, honed my skills and found the way to connect with readers in every kind of industry.

What I write about is going to be how you can do the same thing. I'll draw on my decade of experience in narrative non-fiction, blogging, teaching, speaking, video and the discipline of creating a meaningful life and raising a family.

(I don't think Tim Ferris talks about that yet.)

You can find out more about me on my website:

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