Why Happiness Takes Action

If you don't act on your ideas, you're drifting.

There is no standing still. The instant you create a thought, an intention - it begins to get away from you.

And you don't even notice.

I've always used my imagination. An only child, I've spent a lot of time alone in my mind.

It's easy for me to get lost in here.

The problem with getting lost in my mind is that when I come back out, I'm not entering the world that I left. It's a different place. I don't notice because the change is only seconds, minutes or hours in the making.

But the bits of time multiply. Passing time creates a different landscape, foreign from where you first create your idea. Now you are different, your relationships are different, the whole outside world is.

And where is your idea?

It is wherever it drifted, carried along by the winds of circumstance - both in the world, and within your own unique personality.  The world is swimming around your ideas and tugging at them. Turning them into something you didn't intend.

Turning you into something you didn't intend.  

Everything in your life is moving. Drifting. Your marriage is drifting. Your kids are drifting. You are drifting.

If you are prone to depression, you're drifting the way a depressed person drifts. If you are highly intelligent and motivated, you're drifting the way a high-achiever drifts.

But you're both drifting.

Your relationships, opportunities and ideas will never be quite where you last left them. But time's slow drip, and the static parts of your personality, will make you think they aren't.

The rule is: Anytime you do not act on an your ideas - on what you notice happening within and around you - you are moved by the current.

For many people, their proudest moments are not when they're successful.

It's when they are awake in action.