The Author - Coach Relationship

With author-coaching, you’re doing the work. You write. I advise.

The professional standard that I set for our relationship begins as your author coach and editorial partner. It’s your work, your thoughts and your name. You’re bringing the content. I’m cheering you on, filling the edges and keeping you to the standards you’d like to keep.      

The standards I adhere to are the same I’ve used as a newspaper editor, magazine feature writer and account manager. These include setting goals and deadlines. With you, I add the role of coach, because what you’ll uncover and delve into as an author takes sensitivity to work through.

Plus, sometimes the ideas won’t all work out the first time through. Things will need editing, revision. I’m always going to tell you what I think, and the final decision is yours.

I’m the professional collaborator.

You’re the instigator.

A handful of questions I’d like to ask you:

  1. What are you trying to achieve with your book?

  2. Who is your book for?

  3. Why do you have to write it?

  4. What will change for you and after you’ve written it?

  5. How will your book change your readers?

The process of book writing isn’t as simple as getting in front of your computer or your Hemingway pad and writing everything down.

Ideas hide.

Some are tucked away inside the folds of your unconscious.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But I guarantee that you will discover what you don’t know if you choose to create your book.    

I always say that writing a book, or being interviewed for one, is similar to therapy. The only difference is that the point is not your mental and emotional health. The point is writing a good story.

However, a therapeutic effect is often present.
And, sometimes it is profound.

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