I have so much to tell you.

Writing to satisfy the reader and even the publisher is relatively straight forward. The question is if I can write to satisfy you, the client.

Even as a professional biography writer — I can’t write your book better than you can. Memoir, the study of self, a time in your life that is so important it must be captured forever, is best written by the one who lived it.

So first, I want to stop you from hiring me, or any other writer, and encourage you to go craft your own book yourself.


Only you know what it’s like to go from your head to the page. If you hire me, I’m nothing more (or less) than a surrogate. Perhaps I’m the next best thing to you.

But ask yourself: Are you ready to face that difference in print? 

The success of a ghostwriting project hangs on more than capturing your ideas and turns of phrase to bring you or your ideas to life on the page. It requires more than adhering to the transcript and polishing the narrative until it’s a clear rendition of your story that is artfully, thrillingly told.

In a perfect world, the words would travel from your mind straight to the page. Instead the words travel from your mind--straight into my mind--and from there onto the page.

That’s like carrying your baby. It’s not my baby. It doesn’t exist without you. It also doesn’t exist without me. I cannot cut my own flesh from your baby, hard as I try. That’s why we must be clear on the process, so you will find it in your heart to accept the baby draft that I deliver to you.

We will sit together, either in person or over the phone, and I will hear your story. I'll record it. Have it transcribed. Then we will begin to write it. 

Wait--I'm a ghostwriter, why did I say WE? Because here are two things you can’t have in one project:

1. A lot of control over the draft.
2. Limited involvement.  

The first time you see the draft you might love it. You might even like it, or enjoy parts of it. At the same time, you could also feel a wave of anxiety rising out of your gut.

Each reaction is completely normal. If you sense a problem, you're probably right.

It could be voice, word choice, your feeling too exposed--or ten other things. Ghostwriting is a collaboration chiefly because your thoughts and feelings about the work will change as the creation experience progresses.

There is no such thing as writing without a problem somewhere. The best ghostwriters may pass over a dozen revisions back and forth with their authors on the way to a final draft. It depends on the scope of work. But especially, on the desires of the author. A manuscript is built upon iteration after iteration. Revision after revision.

That's the real experience of writing.

At this very moment, I am preparing you for that process. You will face it whether you work with me, another writer, or yourself--if you really care about how your writing sounds.

But the end, seeing your work and name in print is worth it. We do it because it is hard. And hard things are worth it.

Books are hard.
Your story is worth the work.    

What I offer

  • Author Coaching - for up and coming Writers and Influencers who want help, editing oversight (developmental to copy editing) or one-to-one sessions to improve their own work.

  • Book Writing - I write e-books, print books or long form content such as reports and white papers. This tends to be business / web focused.

  • Ghostwriting - intensive, professional partnership with you, the author to bring your personal book to life, involving extensive interviews, research, time and financial commitment.

To speak with me about coaching, book writing or ghostwriting for you - click here now.


I’d written the first draft of a book. Not just any book, but a deeply spiritual one that was going to significantly help our organization. I sent Josh that draft, and we ended up working on it together side by side for several months. 

He helped me transform the draft into a truly beautiful guide to spiritual seekers. It was published by Judaica Press, and I personally know that it helped many people. I received many compliments on the quality of the writing.
— Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit, Yeshiva Bircas HaTorah
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I had just started my business from scratch when I found Josh Bains. He saw the potential in my practice and really took me on. He interviewed me, wrote my entire website, arranged a photo shoot to plaster wonderful pictures of me all over the site, and then had it built.

”He created my Facebook page and advised I start a Facebook group. Within 24 hours I had 400 followers, new clients and referrals. Now we’re writing a book together. There’s no stopping him.
— Rachel Welfeld, RachelWelfeld.com