Coaches, teachers and professionals with a big idea always have two things in common:

1. You want to change the world.

2. You want your voice to be heard.

When you have the desire, and you have the message, then you need a way to deliver it. That can take a lot of forms. In fact when it happens right, your message will take on a life of its own. Big messages are bigger than the people who say them.

I help people like you decide what to say, and how to say it. I'm a writer, and I've been a lot of things. Often, this kind of work comes to those who are multi-faceted. I'm someone who can hear what your saying, and get to the bottom of the what you're saying. I'm also someone who will care about what you're saying, and wish for your ideas, and products to get the respect and distribution they deserve.

Because I care, I get on  board with what you're trying to do. I get on board with helping you do it as much as I can. Just ask my clients, and they'll tell you.

In fact, this is one of the reasons I've started my own company. So I can deliver the care and one-on-one communication that I think is necessary to succeed with you. Agencies don't always do that. Because as companies grow - it's harder to scale the services they were founded on. The principles that put them on map.

Sometimes, small is better. More affordable, and gets your message out in a big way.

Maybe you don't even know what your message should be. I help you find it.

Maybe you want another person to knock ideas with. I help you brainstorm.

Maybe you need new content (you almost certainly do) I help you create it.

The internet went from a place that you didn't think was real, to a place that is reality itself.
But, the old rules still work: Morals, stories, people. They're all alive and waiting to be found and drive more of your work home into the hearts and minds of your target audience.